22 Mar 2015

Keep Calm and Stay Strong


How you show sad and dissapointed with someone? Someone always talk bad about you and family. You try to be good, try to be the best, try to make them 'sayang' you but still you look bad on their eyes. Why that people not understand and respect you but at the same time they want you always respect them. Can you imagine? What will you do? Cry or just let them go?

Me? Firstly, i will let them go and just relax. But, if that people still 'ganggu' my life i will talk with them. Maybe we can discuss, ask them "what's your problem?". Maybe kita buat salah. ' Kot le kan..' If that people degil sangat so the conclusion is just let it go.. 

Why? Im sure you dont want to be like them. Like a kids. Hentam sana sini. Relax.. Be cool.. Like me. Haha!! Cool?? Yup, if you tell them what you feel their still not understand. Still think they right and you?? You still look bad. For them you're the person make them feel hurt, kecik hati walaupun... 

Maybe you always asking yourself why so hard someone to understand your feeling, to try jaga hati kita. I have no idea too. Just be yourself, smile always, think our family, we still got someone else love us. If you have child think your child so we will forget what happened before. Look at they smile, it will make you strong and calm. 

Let me share something, when i'm depressed my husband will take me eat, shopping and karaoke. For me, that will make me happy. Try make your free time are a quality time. For me, shopping its not only you go buy a branded thing or what but sometime i'm just buy a groceries. Another tips, DONT THINK ABOUT THEM. So helpfull. Just be yourself and let them talk bad about you. What we can do just pray Allah will 'bagi pengajaran' to them.

#hati berkecamuk
#lama dah tinggal zaman study 
#tetiba memalam buta terspeaking pula
#maafkan saya teacher kalau speaking rojak
#saya main bedal je

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